Reimbursement /Check request:



Reimbursement procedure


Please read the reimbursement procedure above  and complete the Reimbursement/Check request for all reimbursements.  Thank you in advance for following these steps.

Scholarship Form and Procedures for processing the request

Scholarship form 2016

SCOPA Scholarship policy

Scholarship request procedure

Scholarship information and policy change


Please forward Scholarship Request forms to the Director/teacher that the request pertains.  If you have any questions about Scholarships, please email inquiries to

Invoice process for vendors and consultants


Invoice Procedure

Vendors/consultants, please use the SCOPA invoice and forward it to the appropriate SCHS A Wing teacher for their approval.  The teacher will then forward to SCOPA accounting for payment.

A Wing Director Credit card-use ledger/receipt monthly form

Credit card expense report

Credit card receipt submission procedure

Contact Yvonne Elder with any questions you may have while recording and saving receipts.  She is available to help you when ever possible!
contact email:

If you have questions about any of the forms or procedures listed on this page, please contact SCOPA at

Thank you!



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