SCOPA is a non-profit (501(c)(3)) organization.  We are the families and friends of students involved in band, choir, drama, forensics and orchestra classes and activities at Silver Creek High School.  We provide financial assistance for the performing arts activities that are not covered by the School District budget.  Even more importantly, our volunteers enjoy working together to support our children as they grow during their high school years and support their teachers by: building props for theater and marching band, sewing costumes, working as judges for speech and debate competitions, providing concessions and supervision for musical competitions and festivals, and chaperoning off-campus performance activities.  Achieving excellence in performing arts programs requires an investment of time and funds.  SCOPA and its members provide this investment.

2017-2018 Officers:

  • President–Angela Brothers
  • Vice President–Lisa Whitehead
  • Secretary–Lori Beth San Miguel
  • Treasurer–Jen Orvis
  • Bingo Games Manager–Linda Perry
  • Bingo Treasurer–Fritz Foss
  • Communications & Marketing Manager–Lisa Nowakowski

Questions, please contact us at:



SCOPA-Silver Creek Organization for the Performing Arts









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