“Into The Woods” April 25th-27th

Tonight’s (4/25/19) performance of “Into the Woods” will be a preview performance. We will NOT be charging admission to tonight’s show, but you are welcome to donate.  If you have already purchased tickets online for the Thursday performance, electronic refunds are being issued.

Due to school closures and illness our timeline for rehearsal has been significantly impacted. This being said, we may have a few pauses for correction in tonight’s preview show. Our cast, crew and pit have worked incredibly hard on this show and as such it is only fitting that we allow for this preview to support our kids in their continued musicality, character development and with the production. Please be our guest for tonight’s show and if interested in other nights, tickets may be found here:   https://bit.ly/2TT7QjR

Upcoming Performing Arts Important Dates:

April 16-18: Large Group Orchestra & Band Festival

April 25-27:  Spring Musical “Into the Woods

April 26:  UNC Jazz Festival for Band

May 1:  Fiddle Group at Dicken’s

May 2-3:  Skyline Jazz Festival for Band

May 4:  Orchestra Recital

May 8:  Volunteer Appreciation Event

May 9:  SCOPA Meeting – 7:00 PM – Choir room

May 14:  Choir Concert – 7:00 PM

May 15:  Band Concert – 7:00 PM

May 16:  Orchestra Concert – 7:00 PM

May 17:  Choir Spotlight


It’s not too late to pay class fees!

As a reminder, class fees for Band, Choir and Orchestra are collected by SCOPA, not Revtrak.  Please drop off payments in the school office, with checks made payable to “SCOPA”.  To pay via credit card, contact a SCOPA Treasurer at finance@scopaonline.org.

Get involved…sign up here for Bingo!

(Click the Sign-Up picture to go to the sign up site!)

SCOPA’s Bingo program is our main fundraiser! 

SCOPA runs BINGO sessions every Sunday & Tuesday, 12 months a year!

Up Coming Tuesday Sponsored Special Sessions.

Sign up NOW to help your trip or group!  (For more information, visit the Bingo page under the SCOPA tab at the top!)


  • 2 – Drama
  • 9 – Drama
  • 16 – DC Trip/Band
  • 23 – DC Trip/Band
  • 30 – DC Trip/Band


  • 7 – Drama
  • 14 – Drama
  • 21 – DC Trip/Band
  • 28 – DC Trip/Band

Follow SCOPA on Facebook!

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