Deadline Monday!!! Order Your “A” Wing T-Shirts & Hoodies by September, 18th!

Order Your “A” Wing T-Shirts & Hoodies by September, 18th!

Shop online at: and enter sale code: SCHSPA16 Orders will be delivered to students at school!

 fiddle-group-hc-paradeThe Fiddle Group Performs This Saturday, September 17th!  Come hear them play as part of the City of Longmont’s “ArtWalk”, Saturday, 6:00-8:00 pm in front of Dickens Opera House at 3rd Ave and Main Street.



Good Luck to The Marching Band!  This Saturday they will debut their Fall 2016 show, “UP” at CU Band Day! Come see them at the September 29th SCHS home football game!

Support the Performing Arts- Become A Bingo Volunteer! It’s fun, easy and Makes a HUGE impact in the lives of our students!  SCOPA runs BINGO sessions every Saturday and Sunday.  To sign up, go to

Help is needed with the “A” Wing’s annual “Royal Madrigal Feast”!  
Contact Maureen Williamson at:

Rehearsals have begun for SCHS Theatre Company’s Show:  Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”!

Class fees for Band, Orchestra and Choir are to be paid at the SCHS office.  Checks are to be made to “SCOPA”.  In the office, please complete and attach a payment form to help track your payment.

If you have questions about SCOPA, please contact us:

For Bingo Questions contact Linda Perry at:

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