Volunteers needed- please help us, help the “A” Wing Students

Dear Parents and Students,

We want to take a few moments to highlight an important benefactor of the performing arts programs here at Silver Creek. The SCOPA Bingo sessions are a fun and highly profitable fundraiser for the “A” Wing, each session generating on average $1,500 for our performing arts programs. Last year we awarded $24,000 in grants and scholarships and funded fully 33% of the total performing arts budget through SCOPA Bingo, which exists solely to support all of the wonderful students and programs of the “A” Wing, and whose funds have gone and continue to go toward:

  • Marching Band and Drumline competition fees
  • All-State and Honor Choir and Band costs
  • Drama productions
  • Staff fees
  • Program fees
  • Performing arts trips that include workshops, clinics and performance opportunities (e.g. the upcoming NYC trip next Spring NYC trip next Spring)
  • Instrument, equipment and music purchases
  • Grants
  • Scholarships (for private lessons, performing arts camps, workshops, instrument repair)

To keep this fundraising enterprise alive, we are in continual and perpetual need of new volunteers to operate Bingo now and into the future as students graduate and they and their families move on. Volunteers are needed weekly all year to make Bingo sessions happen, and if there is a big enough volunteer pool, nobody will be asked to volunteer more than once a month. Currently, the pool of volunteers is too small, leaving the responsibility to run Bingo to a handful of dedicated families. We need a larger pool of volunteer support for our students and we ask that you make a commitment to work one bingo session every month for a 6 month period each calendar year. You can make this commitment easily by signing up via one of the following hyperlinks:

http://www7.mysignup.com/cgi-bin/view.cgi?datafile=bingohelp_june16-nov16  http://www7.mysignup.com/cgi-bin/view.cgi?datafile=bingohelp_dec16-may17

Note that if there are no open slots under your preferred department, please sign up under any of the other departments within your selected sign-up sheet (as every session helps the entire “A” Wing). After signing up for a 6-month volunteer pool, you’ll be added to an email list and receive a monthly email linking to the corresponding monthly sign-up sheet in which you can sign up for a specific Bingo session for that month.  Also, please don’t worry about being a novice at Bingo, as experienced volunteers provide hands-on, easy to follow training during the actual Bingo sessions.

In closing, it is important to remember that the financial resources generated by SCOPA Bingo provide for the wide variety of performing arts programs and opportunities offered to our students so that fees are kept low. If we all step up to volunteer, this financial support will continue and Silver Creek will continue to enrich our kids with outstanding music and drama education and activities!  Together we can do amazing things for our amazing performing arts students!!



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