A great sense of teamwork and community pride is apart of the Bingo volunteer experience…

SCOPA NEEDS BINGO VOLUNTEERS!!! Bingo is how we fund the performing arts programs throughout the year.  Currently, we have very few families that are supporting this program on behalf of every student in the A Wing.  The majority of the families that support this program volunteer their time every week.  We need more volunteers to help so the current small list of volunteers can have a few weekends off during the year.

Through bingo we are able to provide many opportunities for our students. Help us to continue to be successful with this program. Without Bingo, student fees will go up and programs will lose the current funding that SCOPA Bingo provides. Students will have to start selling calendars, cookie dough, magazines… Didn’t we leave those fundraising programs behind in middle school?!!  We are in desperate need of help with volunteer support for our two sessions, weekly.  Training and fun is provided at each session so that everyone feels comfortable with each task. Please use the following coding when signing up to work bingo;  this will indicate which performing arts department you are working for:

Bingo Volunteers arrive at 10:30am on Saturdays and 4:30pm on Sundays

Sign up here:

August sign up
September sign up
October sign up
November sign up
December sign up
January sign up
February sign up

March sign up

April sign up
May sign up

June sign up 

June special Tuesday session to for travel fund.  This session profit will reduce the trip costs for everyone going on the trip 

July sign up

August sign up


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